We are a leader in gathering advanced and research and intelligence for our clients

For established small businesses and nonprofits, grant funding is an opportunity to expand financing and support ongoing developments. We recommend that organizations target no more than 3-10% of their total income from grant funding.

Our grant services help small business and nonprofits prepare and find grant funds. We will research and locate viable grants that align with your mission or project and complete a professionally written case for support. Regardless of your company’s mission, we have the expertise and knowledge to support your grant-funding efforts. Our services include a development consultation call, professional writing and research, and more. Our databases of targeted-funding foundations have information on key contact personnel, application formats, eligibility requirements, and specific giving priorities, all need-to-know items to ensure success.

A key factor to our success is our ability to bring actionable advanced, strategic, and competitive research intelligence to our clients, enabling them to leverage opportunities well in advance of their peers. We also develop funding initiatives as a part of the federal budget process to serve the best interests of our clients.

Our research intelligence gathering capabilities ensure that we are able to position our clients ahead of their competitors well in advance of the release of a funding opportunity. In many instances, our ability to gather research intelligence has allowed us to create funding opportunities uniquely in line with client competencies. We have helped clients win more than a billion dollars in both competitive extramural grant awards and in non-competitive funding.

We have provided a mix of strategic intelligence gathering, capacity building, and project execution. Our strategic intelligence service is focused on providing advanced notice on policy, program and funding opportunities that align with business priorities. We have supported proposal development activities, advised on engagement strategies and supported proposal development activities that have led to more than $100M in funding.

Pathways To Success

We develop flexible and creative strategies for securing federal dollars by leveraging private industry, consortiums, other transaction authorities (OTAs), and more. We support clients throughout the federal advocacy lifecycle– working before, during, and after the appropriations process to ensure success.

Our staff monitors advanced intelligence, federal policy, programs, and budget opportunities of interest to our client’s federal engagement agenda and craft reports. We also monitor and report on new and revised Federal policy, programs, budget opportunities, and association and professional society intelligence.