Grants Strategy

We work with clients to develop an effective strategy for seeking external grant funding and assists clients with composing competitive, winning proposals.

When pursuing external grant funding, setting priorities is essential. We work with our clients on a daily basis to proactively identify funding sources that align with their strategic priorities. We then utilize teams of project managers and proposal development specialists to craft competitive grant applications for submission to Federal agencies and national foundations. We support proposal development efforts of all sizes from small or single-investigator proposals, to institution-wide grants, to complex, center-level research proposals.

Although institutions seeking grant funding may be tempted to chase every available funding source, such an approach typically results in frustration and failure. We work with clients to develop a grants strategy that forecasts funding opportunities 12 to 24 months in advance. This focused, strategic effort ensures that our clients are focusing concentration on the grant opportunities best aligned with organizational goals.


Federal agencies who collectively received thousands of applications completed by our clients.


Experienced grant consultants, writers, subject matter experts, former agency officials and federal program officers.


Success Rate.


In competitive grant funding from across a broad spectrum of federal agencies, private foundations and other sources.


An extensive library of previously funded grant proposals we can share with our clients.

Our Expert Proposal Development and Grant Writing Service

What makes our service so successful is that we work closely with each client to identify and target funding opportunities that align with their strategic goals. This ensures that each client is well positioned to compete for the opportunity and receives expert guidance throughout the entire application process. We deploy trained project and proposal managers, subject matter experts, professional writers, reviewers, editors, coaches, and graphic designers to ensure the client is well-positioned to win the award.  McAllister & Quinn maintains the largest and most specialized grant consultant network in the country.


Writing a grant proposal is no small task. Whether you’re new to the grant writing process, aren’t winning as many grants as you’d like, or have too many grants to write in too little time, Resource Associates can help. We supports all phases of capacity building, including:

1). Grant Writing

We write compelling letters of intent and grant applications. Let us write the entire request, including budgets, or let us work on certain sections, like improving your narrative.

2). Grants Research

Finding potential funders and reviewing requests for proposals takes time. Lots of time. We’ll do the grunt work and find warm leads that are just right for your organization.

3). Draft Review

You’ve written the grant but you’re not sure it’s good enough. Or you just need a second set of eyes to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. We’ll use our editorial expertise to polish your proposal.


Our professional grant writing team will work closely with your organization and its stakeholders to fully understand your program objectives and needs. We take care of all the details of a grant proposal — grant program designing; development of the proposal narrative; development of the budget; registrations; and submission of the proposal — so your staff can focus their attention on executing your programs.

We understand how important grant funding is to your organization. Resource Associates can help you meet or exceed your funding goals with our professional grant writing services. We have an enormous pool of talented grant writers who have been awarded just about every type of grant there is. Put our expertise to work for your organization!


The main reason Resource Associates is so effective in helping organizations grow is our focus on getting to know your organization inside and out. The first phase of every project is information gathering so that your dedicated Resource Associates’ team can learn all about your goals, challenges, infrastructure, processes, and current funding as we work to develop recommendations that will leverage your organization’s ability to build capacity.

Our goal is to take those fundraising and grant writing projects that could benefit from our expertise completely off your plate. So whether you are a start-up nonprofit looking to secure partnership documentation for upcoming funding opportunities or the head of a grant writing team looking for professional development and technical and other grant writing assistance, our services will catalyze the growth and development of your organization.