We write grants and research funding opportunities so you can focus on what matters most.


We are an award-winning global incubator providing strategic planning and project development expertise to visionaries worldwide.


We are a global accelerator dedicated to launching, promoting, and growing brands worldwide through our multimedia channels.

There’s a reason you’re applying for a grant: something needs to be fixed; a wrong needs to be righted. You have a story to tell and success depends on your ability to communicate. You just don’t have the time. Or the experience. Or both. We fill in your resource gaps and write compelling grants quickly.

Results That Exceed Expectations.


Finding potential funders and reviewing requests for proposals takes time. Lots of time. We’ll do the grunt work and find warm leads that are just right for your organization.


We write compelling letters of intent and grant applications. Let us write the entire request, including budgets, or let us work on certain sections, like improving your narrative.


You’ve written the grant but you’re not sure it’s good enough. Or you just need a second set of eyes to edit and proofread. We’ll use our editorial expertise to polish your proposal.

How We Support You


Nonprofit groups request funds to furnish their beneficiaries with useful and viable programs. Get help from adept writers to reach your goal.


A custom grant application made for a funding source can be your key to gaining support. Allow a grant writing expert to build your proposal.


Enterprises with housing, research, healthcare, or public programs earn greater fiscal support. Improve your ventures with grant services.


Qualified students, teachers, and institutions can obtain funding support for education. Hire specialists to create your grant proposal.

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